Winston Salem Chapter

Chapter President

Members List

Mary Andrews    
Cheryl Jones Byrd    
Toyoko (Toy) Beaty,
Demerice W. Erwin    
Doris D. Ferree, Corresponding Secretary
E. Burthel Hoffler, Recording Secretary
Constance H. Johnson, Vice President
Billie B. Jones, Chaplin
Dorothy B. Jones    
Renita T. Linville    
Ruth Oliver,
Olivia B. Thompkins    
Velma G. Watts    

Marion Williams, Parliamentarian
Monte Creque-Williams, President

Chapter History

Winston-Salem Chapter, Holidays, Inc.

The Holidays Bridge Club was established in 1961 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The founding members were Bessie Allen, Florence Creque, Demerice Erwin and Bernice Murrell.  Charter members were Jean Battle, Geraldine Cary, Clara Gaines, Irene Hairston, Dorothy Jones, Gladys Odom, Ruth Oliver, Elaine McCloud, Marion Williams.  The club became incorporated on June 23, 1965 under the guidance of Labor Day, Judge Richard Erwin, who named the spouses of the Holidays, the Labor Days.  Later, we called our children, Everydays and our grandchildren, Somedays. The Winston-Salem Holidays gave birth to the over twenty two nationwide chapters comprising The Holidays, Inc. today.

The Winston-Salem Chapter is comprised of fifteen members, of which Demerice W. Erwin and Virginia A. Wiseman are affiliate members.  The active members are Doris D. Ferree, President; Olivia B. Thompkins, Vice-President; E. Burthel Hoffler, Recording Secretary; Clara B. Gaines, Corresponding Secretary; Toyoka Beaty, Treasurer; Renita T. Linville, Parliamentarian; Marion Williams, Historian; Constance H. Johnson, Billie B. Jones, Dorothy B. Jones, Ruth C. Oliver, Velma G. Watts, and Monte Creque Williams.

We have engaged in many humanitarian projects such as sponsoring disadvantaged youth to art programs, serving and donating funds to the Samaritan Ministry which serves food and shelters the needy, and made donations to Experiment in Self-Reliance, an agency that empowers people to become self-reliant.

The Winston-Salem Chapter proudly celebrates our Golden Anniversary this year.  We are making plans to celebrate with a luncheon and bridge party at the Piedmont Club in Winston-Salem with our neighboring Holiday chapters as our guests.

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