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Our History

Though the Holidays, Incorporated did not receive its charter until June 21, 1965, its founding goes back to an earlier date in 1961 when the first chapter was organized in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The purpose of the chapter originally was to form a compatible group, whose primary interests were to promote the playing of bridge and other civic, social and cultural programs. By 1963 the Winston-Salem group hosted, among others, a group from Charlotte, North Carolina, who had organized for purposes similar to those of the Winston-Salem group themselves. The Charlotte group subsequently became the second chapter of The Holidays, and nearby Greensboro became the third chapter of The Holidays.

The first Concourse was held in Charlotte in November 1967. For a number of years the three neighboring cities were the only chapters. However, in the mid 1970's a rapid surge of growth was realized. The Holidays, Inc. now consists of twenty-five chapters and geographically extends into the Midwest to Cincinnati.

Interesting Facts

    * The annual concourse is held every Labor Day Weekend in the city of one of the chapters.
    * The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is the official charity of The Holidays, Incorporated.
    * The flowers and colors are:
          o Holly - winter green
          o Violet - lavender
          o Rose - pink
          o Chrysanthemum - yellow/gold
          o Delphinium - blue
    * The members are known as Holidays.
    * The husbands are known as Labor Days.
    * The children are known as Everydays.
    * Each member receives a sterling silver charm engraved with the official symbol.